What do we do.

INSCOCO collection Wood and Velvet is the symbol inspired by the history that we see only in movies or museums today. Wood and Velvet are the materials which are always associated with warmth, cosiness, comfort. It is the process and philosophy how furniture is being created. Every detail is developed with care and highest attention. Long ago the production took a lot of time, each product was manufactured without even a thought of rushing the processes. Each craftsman knew that time of drying the wood depends on the season and what quality tapestry was. Both nobles and craftsmen understood each other, realized that in order to have an impressive, high-quality product, both sides have to devote themselves and wait. Waiting was worth it, as the piece of furniture served for centuries. Even now in museums such furniture tells us about those great times. Each scratch is meaningful for a person who owns such piece of furniture as it reminds him the pleasing time spent with family and makes him smile, sentimental people call it relics.

Upon return from the magnificent memories to the presence, the first look at the furniture leaves a mark of shadow on one’s face. When you look around today you see that everything is overshadowed by loads of cheap and even harmful materials. What is more, there are always people who want to profit from low quality production. In hard times aquiring such products is popular, but there have always been and there will always be people who appreciate quality and seek for the best product. These people are looking for manufacturers who do not avoid challenges and follow the philosophy similar to the one that the old-time furniture makers used to have.

Without being tied to history, but in order to learn from it, we join the old traditions and new technologies. We break standards providing furniture of the highest quality which we develop from the birth of the idea to the last detail. We say that furniture design is a long process, but the product must last significantly longer. We select environmentally-friendly materials and evaluate easy restoring and recycling options.

Our goal is not a quick profit or mass production, but client’s warm feelings caused by piece of furniture that delights every day for many years. We strive to maintain a friendly, long-term relationship, we discuss and share the e xperience of maintenance of furniture, enclose each product with a care package that helps to remove spots from the natural wood as quickly and easily as you prepare a cup of tea or coffee.

We hope that our products will give you as much pleasure as the moments spent with your family from the first day you own it.